POhWER Advocacy Updates: online resources; weekly mental health support group

8 February 2021

Advocacy is about supporting others to get their voice heard. To be at the centre of decision making, understanding their rights and being able to express their views and concerns.

Specialist support for adult victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse

8 February 2021

This is an important new service, which arose from the work done over many years to understand the needs of adult victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

Safeguarding Action on Homelessness

8 February 2021

In Nottinghamshire, as has happened nationally, homelessness has come under the radar.

Care Home Managers Forum

8 February 2021

Following discussions over the last year, and positive uptake of invitations, Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board is delighted to announce the hosting of its first Care Home Managers Forum.

NFRS referral process

8 February 2021

Please see below information from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) with details of the referral process for Safe and Well Checks.

NSAB Online referrer training and webinar

8 February 2021

This course is aimed at those responsible for making Adult Safeguarding Referrals within your organisation based in Nottinghamshire County

Disclosure and Barring Service: Regional Safeguarding Outreach programme update

8 February 2021

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) launched the Regional Safeguarding Outreach programme last year to focus on working collaboratively with safeguarding and recruiting organisations.

Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board update

8 February 2021

Summary of Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board’s Development Session, held virtually on 14th January 2021, including an update from the Safeguarding Adults Board Meeting held immediately afterwards.

Round Up

8 February 2021

Featured: LGA Framework on Safeguarding Concerns /Mental Health Report/ FGM Network/ MSP Webinars/ COVID Vaccination Scams/ SCIE Resources

East Midlands Programme of events for Safeguarding Adults Week

23 October 2020

Safeguarding Adults Week which takes place from 16 - 22 November. Discover a variety of resources and events that you can take part in!

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