Level 1: Staff Group A

Members of this group have a responsibility to contribute to safeguarding adults, but do not have specific organisational responsibility or statutory authority to intervene.

See your own organisation or agency for support or awareness, or consult NSAB Competency Framework and Learning Pathway and Local Procedures and Guidance (link above).

Basic Safeguarding Adults Awareness Trainer's Pack

This level 1 Safeguarding Adults Awareness Trainers Pack has been developed to support you in delivering Safeguarding Adults awareness training to your staff team.

This pack contains all the information that we would expect staff to know at this level, as well as a couple of group exercises to promote discussion and thought about safeguarding adults.

The resource explores the following questions:

  • What does Safeguarding mean?
  • Who does Safeguarding apply to?
  • What is abuse?
  • What are my responsibilities?

Download your Trainer's Pack

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