NFRS referral process

8 February 2021

Please see below information from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) with details of the referral process for Safe and Well Checks.

The Safe and Well Checks are a useful tool when you have concerns about people who are at increased risk of fire and there is now a professional referral link on their website. 

During this difficult time again with many COVID-19 restrictions.  Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service still welcome your referrals to keep our community safe.

As you may know, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service now use an online referral process for Safe and Well visit referrals for residents of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire who are, or may be, at an increased risk of fire. Their website has a page for ‘Professional Referrals’ that incorporates the fatal fire CHARLIE matrix.  Please visit Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service ‘Staying Safe’  to make a referral. 

An e-learning package has been developed to support the completion of the CHARLIE P matrix that can be accessed on the same page on the website. NFRS suggests that you participate in the package to familiarise yourself with CHARLIE-P before making a referral.

This will give further information about risk identification and scoring the matrix.

Please be sure to access the main NFRS website every time you make a new referral.   Any old saved links regularly get updated and therefore may no longer work.  In addition, please could you make sure that you physically type in the address details rather than copying and pasting the information from another source, as this causes a fault within the system and meaning the referral is unable to be processed.

You will need the following credentials to make the referral:

Agency Code: agency

Password: CharliePMx1

If you require any further assistance, please get in touch with NFRS at:

During high risk and very high-risk times of COVID-19, occupiers will be triaged over the phone to ascertain if a home visit is required and COVID safe to carry out.  Please be sure to pass this information onto your colleagues.

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