East Midlands Programme of events for Safeguarding Adults Week

23 October 2020

Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board is delighted to be taking the opportunity that Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week presents, to focus on Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP). We know that as Practitioners, while you navigate your way through the COVID-19 pandemic you will be considering the ethics and impact of new and different ways of working on your practice and the people you support.

With the barriers Covid -19 has at times created in terms of engaging the people we support, it is vital that we develop creative strategies to ensure the maximum participation of the person and their carers in Safeguarding Adults. The activities and learning that we will provide this week are designed to support you to develop the skills and commitment to work in partnership with the person to improve and resolve their circumstances.

See a variety of events taking place from 16 - 20 November as part of Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week.

Webinar- Making Safeguarding Personal 

On Wednesday 18th November, 9-10am, the Board will be hosting a MSP webinar to help participants understand the background of MSP and how it is considered the backbone of all our current approaches to adult safeguarding, as well as expectations over implementation.

Click here to read more about the content and book your place on this session. Places are limited so please book soon to avoid disappointment.

MSP 7 Minute Briefing

We are mindful of increasing pressure on services, particularly during this pandemic, which can make it difficult to release staff to attend training. We hope this short 7-minute briefing gives a helpful overview for team leaders to initiate a discussion with staff and support learning.

Please click here to access the briefing.

Toolkit refresh & relaunch

In January 2020 the LGA updated its MSP toolkit to reflect a greater emphasis on strengths-based practice across Adult Social Care. The new toolkit is a web-based resource that includes a narrative around specific areas of practice, tools, and case examples to support learning and development. The resources can be used individually or built into learning and development activities within organisations. 

Please click here to access the Toolkit and additional resources.

Audio-visual Resources

This poignant video promotes reflection on the discomfort that we may experience when those we care for and support take risks and the need to balance keeping people safe with the potential impact on their happiness.

Please click here to access this video. Thank you to Gloucestershire CCG for sharing this resource.

Case Studies

A variety of case studies have been collated by the LGA and cover a broad range of practice areas. All case studies include examples of outcome-focused resource and can be used as tools in a range of learning settings.

Please click here to access them.


In this insightful and bite-sized podcast by The Ann Craft Trust, the thinking behind MSP is exported alongside how the principles work in practice.

Please click here to access the podcast (No6).

Research in Practice have published the following series and stand-alone podcasts which 
Esi Hardy and Michael Preston-Shoot have recorded a series of Podcasts that explore some of the myths around Making Safeguarding Personal. They are unique in that they include the insights of Esi, who has the lived experience of Safeguarding.

The 11 episodes are a useful resource for practitioners to listen to on their own, or to use as a group discussion or learning events.

Sessions open to practitioners working in the East Midlands

Leicester Safeguarding Adults Board and the Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Adults Board are pleased to offer, as part of Safeguarding Adults Week, two sessions open to practitioners working in the East Midlands.

Tuesday 17 November 2020, 2 pm – 3.30 pm 

“Violence and Abuse Against Older Adults: Challenges and Opportunities”
Speaker: Dr Hannah Bows, LLB, MSc, PhD, FHEA, Assistant Professor in Criminal Law, Durham University 
Please book your place on the MS Teams session here

Thursday 19 November 2020, 2 pm – 3.30 pm

“Inherent Jurisdiction of the High Court”
Speaker: Dr Laura Pritchard-Jones, LLB, LLM, PGDip, PhD, Lecturer in Law, Keele University 
Please book your place on the MS Teams session here

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